MSQ Series Rotational Platform (Gear Type)
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MSQ Series Rotational Platform (Gear Type) MSQ Series Rotational Platform (Gear Type)
MSQ Series Rotational Platform (Gear Type) MSQ Series Rotational Platform (Gear Type)
MSQ Series Rotational Platform (Gear Type) MSQ Series Rotational Platform (Gear Type)


MSQ Series Rotational Platform (Gear Type)

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1. High precision balls used in bearing, vertical and horizontal precision are up to ±0.01 mm. 

2. Rotational type is easy for installation. 

3. Rolling bearing design, load is 3 to 4 times larger than CRQ series. 

4. Rotation is smooth and accurate. 

5. Hollowed center rods for wire or tube to go through. 

6. Standard angle adjusting device for wider angle adjustment (0°~190°). 

7. With magnet ring for sensor switch application.

  • MSQ


  • MSQ

  • $ 18 - 146


Material Aluminium Weight 1-50kg
Working Medium Clean Air Showroom Location United States, China
Proof Pressure 1.5 Mpa
Bore size 12/16/20/25/32/40/50/63/80/100mm

Operating pressure Double Acting 0.1~1.0MPa
Operating Speed  50~800mm/s Single Acting 0.2~0.9Mpa

Double acting

 Single Acting Spring-out/Single Acting Spring-in

Port size
M5×0.8 G1/8″ G1/4″ G3/8″
Warranty 1.5 years

CQ2 Series Thin Type Cylinder

1.Changed coopper bearing and use DU bearing.

2. Changed NBR seal and use PU seal.

3. Changed anti-friction seal and use new POM anti-friction seal.

4. Using new SDA rolling technique for the piston rod and piston.

5. Using SDA rolling technique for the tail barrel (S>100, end cover use snap ring structure).

6. Gasket use SDA anti-collision gasket structure.

7. Barrel appearance is same with SMC new type-CQ2 series, easy to install the sensor and save material.

----- Internal Structure -----


----- Overall Dimension -----


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